Parkour and Freerunning

Clothing Brands

Buying Parkour merchandise simultaneously supports your favourite Athletes, Jams, Competition and Media, throughout the globe, as well within your local community.

By supporting Too Jam Easy and these brands, we are building foundations for our future community in Parkour and Free Running.  





JIYO means “Freedom” in Japanese and “Ji” and "Yo" are buddhistic expressions for “Use and yourself”.


Farang means foreigner. Outsider. Although its usually spoken with demeaning undertones, we found it empowering. 


The Motus Projects is more than a brand that manufactures parkour clothing; it is a collection of projects based on movement, ran by a community of movers. 


“être fort pour être utile”

(to be strong to be useful)

ETRE-FORT stands for staying tuned, for “biting through”.


Our apparel was created for all aspects of movement and our main aim is to connect people through collaboration and community projects.


Norml Brand is built by freerunners for freerunners, they sponsor athletes from around the world offering them a platform to show their talents.


At Ashigaru we take care that everything is produced organic and fair. Therefore not only a clean technique, but also a clean environment!


Novel Ways is a parkour and freerunning streetwear brand that was started out of a need to provide more intelligent designs that better represented the parkour community


As Tempest has grown into a vibrant young action sports company it has stayed dedicated to the growth and spread of Freerunning


Storm Freerun is a UK London based professional Parkour / Freerunning team


Storror has been honing their skills in both parkour and film-making for over a decade, they’ve also developed their own highly regarded line of clothing and training shoe

Storror Logo

Galizian Urban Project is a Parkour/Freerunning group originally from Galicia, Spain.


Freerunning fashion is a way for practitioners and enthusiasts to support the growing pool of talent in the world. Freerunning fashion has been born from freerunning athletes taking the growth of the sport into their own hands. It provides a source of income for athletes as well as building a sense of community.


"Freerunning fashion is building an economy within the sport of freerunning through the sales of practical and fashionable clothing". - Norml Brand